Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Marketing Strategy of Sosro

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are a handful of foreign companies are familiar drink products in Indonesia society. Because of the great brand image built so as if their products have been widened part of the life of our nation. Not many Indonesian products are so proud and able to "beat" the international capitalist forces. One product boasts it is "Teh Botol Sosro"

Models bottles for packaging Tehbotol Sosro until now has three times the changes are:

1. Bottle Version I: Issued in 1970 under the brand Tehcap Botol Soft Drink

2. Bottles Version II: Released in 1972 with a brand Teh Cap Botol (with the writing of "Cap" is smaller, so that more people read the Teh Botol), in addition Writing Soft Drink removed, and the writings Teh Botol replaced with red and white depicting the original product Indonesian. Writing Sosrodjojo also shortened to Sosro in a round red logo.

3. Bottle Version III: In 1974, there were changes to the design of the bottle-3. Design of the bottle do not like bottled version I & II. With the new bottle shape and the change in writing Tehbotol Sosro brand on the packaging. Design of the bottle-III was introduced along with the establishment of PT. The first beam in the region Sosro Cakung, Jakarta.

From the beginning of these products targeted to consumers who travel frequently such as drivers and pedestrians sosro. Sosro realize that this consumer segment has the desire to eliminate the presence of beverage thirst in the midst of exhaustion and heat conditions during the trip. Attribute satisfaction is attempted to be met by bringing in bottled tea drinks are practical and available at the stalls along the way. To add value to the satisfaction of this tea is served cold with ice box provides a box-at the points of sale (use of the refrigerator at the time was not yet prevalent).


Slowly but surely bottled tea products sosro start earning a place in the hearts of consumers Indonesia. Especially when the slogan "Apapun makannya, minumnya teh botol sosro" at present. The slogan is not just shake the fellow tea products but also the overall beverage products.

Since its launch in 1970, products tehbotol sosro good taste, packaging and appearance of the logo has not changed at all. Even when multinational companies Pepsi and Coca-Cola coming through Tekita tea products and Frestea, Sosro remained unmoved. Rather than change the product, with intelligent sosro actually do the counter product branding by issuing S-tee with a larger volue. This strategy proved to be more precise, the two multinational companies that did not work did much to win over consumers in Indonesia.


Sosro current marketing strategies tend to mastery of the channel. Sosro, for example, to cooperate with the restaurant and food court for sale of products. He did co-bundling in several popular restaurants, like KFC, Hoka-Hoka Bento, and others.

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  1. You should fix your font color, its opaqued by the background color. Your own solution or ideas is lacking here. The brand development strategies you chose is already being applied by sosro. Its not good to put a lot of history explanation on the company.

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  2. I don't know why you seemed so proud with these products, and eager to up load some information in your personal blog, why don't you try to establish your own business and promote it in your blog than you promote some product not owned by you.