Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Travel Review : Anyer Beach

No one who does not like to go on vacation to the beach, Anyer is one of those tourist destinations, including us.
Visit to Anyer beach in Banten province Pandeglang area has its own story. Travel from Jakarta about 2.5 hours if it passes the toll road.


Located on the edge of the Sunda Strait Land West Java, with white sand beaches and rows of trees shade nan is one advantage Anyer beach.
A wide range of natural phenomena can you see from here such as: sunrise and sunset

For those who want to swim use board float, in this place mat surfing are widely available at a price that is very populist. Simply remove one sheet of the five thousand rupiah, you can use as much. It's nice to swim using this mattress surfing, gliding on the water with ease while enjoying small waves along the coast. If the waves come, byurrrr ..., mat-borne impulse waves to shore beach. Wow ... really exciting, though do not want to stop swimming. 

Other games are Banana Boat (balloon-like giant banana in drag by boat) where you made ​​tense by this game because of the way that deliberately meandering, and sometimes also drawn to the fast speed of a sudden so many Banana Boat passengers who fell into the water many times. You do not need to fear if sinking into the water, because the jacket that you use to make this body floating in the water. 


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